After the removal of Invictus Gambling from OGA Dota PIT Season two: China, it had been time to get the top bracket finals with CDEC Gambling heading head-to-head against Vici Gambling to get a place in the grand final.

Throughout the group phases of OGA Dota PIT Season two: China, nether CDEC Gaming or Vici Gaming played exceptionally well, both just finding victory in one series — that was enough to push them in the playoffs. CDEC’s only success was enrolled when they shot down VG afterward and they’d be seeking to have a repeat operation now, but VG had fully turned things around because reaching the playoffs.

A whole three-game show was exactly what we expected from both of these juggernauts of this Chinese Dota two scene and that’s just what we have as they fought it out to the very first place in the grand finals. VG were the first to attack, outplaying the lockdown hefty CDEC lineup at what was a rather quiet game where Zhang’Eurus’ Chengjun’s Terrorblade managed to throw up without much competition and therefore, helped procure a string direct.

But, CDEC mounted their comeback in game , at a far more back-and-forth match, which saw VG possess their ancient lead stripped from them at one team-fight shortly after 20-minutes. From then, though they were able to shoot down Wang’Ame’ Chunyu’s Terrorblade, it had been CDEC’s game and the show was tied at 1-1. Together with Terrorblade showing up for a third time, it appeared like it’d be the last straw necessary for some series as it moved to VG. Even though the hero didn’t see much activity in the critical game, VG cried behind their take and secured a victory at a 38-minutes.

The triumph will soon see Vici Gaming protected a day rest and the first place in the grand finals of OGA Dota PIT Season two: China, whilst CDEC is going to need to confront from Royal Never Give Up from the lower bracket finals tomorrow and hope to replicate their past performance against them when they wanted another shot against VG in the occasion.