SEA Dota veterans Mushi and YamateH team up

Their group, called Brothers United, was seen from the official enrollment page to the DPC. The group will include Mushi’s former mates at Ryan Jay”Raging-_-Potato” Qui and Khoo”Ohaiyo” Chong Xin, and fresh inclusion Benhur”Nayeon” Lewis”.

YamateH and Mushi were legends in the first DotA, then a part of this SEA new protector that required the specialist scene . The two players awakened in Orange Esports at 2011, attaining a top-half finish at The International 2012 before going their different ways.

Ever since that time, Mushi has experienced the successful Dota two career, being a part of this iconic DK squad in 2014, and most recently winning the Dota Asia Championship 2018 together with Mineski. Mushi was last seen playing Chinese group Keen Gambling .

YamateH has floated across the spectacle, but his star has faded from the times when he had been called”Y-God.” Like his compatriot, he had a bright start to this Dota two aggressive circuit but hasn’t been at a contending team because his stint with Zenith at 2013.

Regardless, both Malaysian veterans will stand united under their banner. While both players have been called maximal mid laners, both have transitioned to the five place. Hopefully, both legends are going to have the ability to deliver a fresh view into the SEA Dota two scene, rather than simply wash up on its beaches.