SirActionSlacks Interviewed at the Boston Major

1 thing quickly became apparent: Slacks is exactly the exact same person on-camera because he’s off-camera. Editor’s note: the meeting was initially listed on video, but as a result of concerns about the video and sound quality we chose to transcribe it. We’ve attempted to catch Slacks’ feelings and character and we could, but how […]

A Closer Look At: Warlock

Warlock was at a really comfy location as 6.88 came to a conclusion. If we examine Northern Arena as well as The Summit 6 just before the Boston Major he had an unbelievable 98.4% Select / Ban speed and also boasted a 63% triumph speed during these championships. The hero was subsequently picked 20 occasions […]

Introducing: Liquid`GH

He answered a couple of questions for us about his transition to the group and his effect on the future. GH INTERVIEW For a number of folks new to the Dota scene, you kind of came from nowhere – how can you end up playing specialist Dota? I was enjoying bar rated matchmaking for some […]

The Support Toolbox: Tempo

Tempo is a phrase thrown around in the majority of aggressive games, generally it intends to exploit an edge to keep the enemy onto the backfoot, forcing them to either react to your momentum or shed. In Hearthstone pace comes in forcing the opponent to invest more mana/cards coping with your cards. In Starcraft it […]

India’s Tryst with Competitive Dota 2

Aggressive Dota 2 at South East Asia instantly paints the image of Abed’s mad meepo abilities, the heady days based around Orange Esports, or MVP’s increase to try and recover still another esport for the Koreans. From the hunt for a capable team worthy to accept the SEA giants, let alone dominate the worldwide scene, […]

The Manila Masters Preview – A smorgasbord of talent

As a spiritual successor to last year’s ESL event along with the Major that happened shortly after, the Manila Pros is a $250,000 championship that’s the first in a series of championships to be made by ESL and also the Mineski Occasions team. The Philippine decision does put up an ideal 50/50 split of groups […]

StarLadder i-League Invitational: familiar ground

For all those aspiring to get a direct invitation to TI7, among the very first important tournaments reasoned with TeamLiquid since the winners. Although 3 from the top 4 clubs in Kiev weren’t current in Shanghai, the competition was fierce from the playoffs where both TNC and Liquid was shown to be deserving of their […]

Shades of TI5 – The Manila Masters Recap

Colors of TI5 Two decades have passed since Evil Geniuses’ victory at The International 2015, and at the moment, Dota has experienced enormous changes both as a game and as an esport. Their win last weekend at Manila provides the impression that in certain ways, Dota has now come full circle. The similarities between the […]

ArtStyle Interviewed After Kiev

— How can you assess’s functionality on the Major? Is the staff pleased with the outcome? — Truth be told, everyone ought to be happy with the second area, because no additional CIS team has increased that high for half and three decades. Looking at all of our matches at the finals, we could […]

Epicenter Recap

Yet more, that the cerulean equine gallops across the Russian plains, yanking on the top in Moscow in the epicentre of everything. Team Liquid, following a set of rugged performances, have revealed up to the job and defended the name in EPICENTER: Moscow. Together With The International 2017’s invites round the corner, it might seem […]