Tobiwan Renders esports:”Never in the Background of DOTA”

Only a couple of days ago we found that Paul’Redeye’ Chaloner declared he would be departing the esports scene and Toby’Tobiwan’ Dawson has followed this route too after facing all of the allegations made against him lately. Famous Dota two caster Toby’Tobiwan’ Dawson came under the spotlight a brief time past, coping with enormous allegations […] are Available to negotiate VP.Prodigy sale

Two months after launch the youth group VP.Prodigy, the CIS company talks publicly about the prospect of selling the gamers. VP.Prodigy was assembled and formally declared on 1st of April this year, with the intent of providing the young CIS presents a stage where to collect the experience for carrying another step towards a tier […]

Redeye Admits his retirement from esports

Paul”Redeye” Chaloner has chosen to resign from esports following misconduct accusations from the gift surfaced a week. The previous week at esports was witness to numerous instances allegations of misconduct within 1 form or another against personalities and talent. In less than 1 week NA caster Grant”GranDGranT” Harris declared his death, followed nearly instantly by […]