Evil Geniuses pull off first ever comeback from Mega Creeps in TI

Bad Experts have become the first team who won at an International and has beat an adversary’s Mega Creeps, Wednesday after they took down EHOME in Game 1 of their Upper Bracket set.

But they were not able to efficiently shove into the high ground of EG, as SumaiL’s Mirana paired with the Faceless Void of Universe threw them back.

EHOME were competent to take down all six of the barracks of EG. But in the procedure, their whole team was wiped by EG. The Chinese squad could do to defend as their Megas closed in on the base of EG.

Based on the analysts of TI6, before this there have just been 33 professional where teams came back from Mega Creeps matches, and it’s never occurred before at the International.

With a 1-0 lead, a demoralized EHOME wills try and sweep to progress to the Upper Bracket Finals.