Ten changes you should learn as you boot up 7.00 to Dota

Here are ten significant changes you should understand prior to you boot up Dota 7.00.

Preface: I began doing professional patch investigation, first at JoinDOTA, subsequently at other factory outlets as well as DotaBlast, about 3 years back.

This can be a brand new game at levels that are fundamental.

Here are, I believe, the ten comprehensive theories so that you can really go pub, you should remember, but my recommendation would undoubtedly be to skim the notes. This can be only the surface!

The most wide-ranging map change in Dota history will reach the client with Dota 7.00. As well as altering the place of some camps and creating more equality involving the jungles, the most noteworthy changes add a brand new kind of building (the Shrine), additional early camps, and changes to high ground/ low-earth flow which before greatly preferred the Terrible jungle. A few of the largest changes in Dota 7.00 come from add-ons to the map.


The jungle got a went tough camp that seems to help Radiant considerably more than Horrible two early camps on each and every side, and an increased offlane camp that seems to gain Horrible considerably more.

The Dire offlane camp can be utilized to pull on the middle lane with appropriate time from Earth Spirit push or a Miniature throw, maybe a Pudge hook or Clockwork cogs with assistance from a teammate. Both camps on each and every side lug to every other to juggle lane creeps which can be pulled. Since the Grade 2 tower kills neutrals used to haul creeps, the Awful offlane is very hard, maybe impossible, to pull mistreatment, but the Radiant side offlane can more readily.

It is apparently quite high efficiency, without lugging it, particularly because it is possible to pull this camp with training that is quite minimal.

The Awful side cannot do this.

Additionally, pulling in the Radiant camp that is simple to its tough camp is effortless, but the exact same procedure on the side that is Awful requires some finesse.

This makes challenging early loads a great deal more significant, and reduces accessibility to jungle farming powerful, pulling, and piling.

Ancients also have immunity that is magic, but do have magic damage resistance that is 70%.

There’s additionally a fresh form of camp that is Historical: Prowlers. The bigger unit has HP regen air and a piling lifesteal. The smaller components passively root on strike (using a fifteen-second cooldown) and can do a 200 damage nuke which comes using a temporary 50% armour decrease.

2. transformed in Dota 7.00

The past unbiased change worth noting is the Roshan pit, that has been transferred to the very top of the map in the centre of the river. That makes it considerably harder to hold – for instance, just one Avalanche has the capacity to stun every unit concealed instead.

The pit also does a great job blocking eyesight to another from one side of the river, making a leading warding difference between defensive and competitive wards. No further will be in a position to have it all when warding on the top end of the map.

At 30 minutes it’s 644 higher. At 45 minutes, it. This in theory slows down after Rosh tried to make fights close to the pit competitive, but what it actually does is force teams to purchase armour that is negative by the 25-minute mark. Teams with – more or 10 armour for Rosh will really clear out him quicker than they did at most periods of the match, except in the ultra-late.


He Shrines like miniature fountains supply an activatable boost to regeneration, and also have a five-minute cooldown.

Cooldown is not shared by shrines , nor give vision. They might be teleported to, have around as much durability as a grade one tower, and so are exposed just after every grade two tower is ruined.

Bounty Runes spawn in four places every two minutes, however simply supply two bottle charges. This ought to help offlaners, who’ve a pretty reputable supply of xp and gold, and roaming supports.

A roaming support should be 312 gold in the initial six minutes and comparatively under-taken 60 encounter by just picking up among the runes on each and every turning. Added turnings ought to support, particularly since you’ll find fewer great opportunities to pile neutrals.

Along with changes to pregame preparation, this essentially means that invading competitions’ space ward and to refuse bounty runes will probably become a lot more common, as it was prior to the addition of Bounty Runes.

It will mean bottle- mids that are running could possibly be dependent on support or RNG turnings to win their lanes.


Holding or forget about dropping things on the floor smoke in your stash. Every hero has a back pack, located beneath her or his stock, which may hold things. Those things will cool down at half their regular speed and may have a six-second delay after swapping in your stock (unless you’re simply at a store).

In addition, it lets damage to be taken by junglers without placing Tranquil Boots on the floor. Even though the six- second will slightly slow down the cure, attacking or being assaulted in your back pack with Tranquils doesn’t place them on total cooldown.

5. The Monkey King, Wukong

Here is the initial hero to be introduced without previous play in the initial source to Dota 2, also it reveals having many different abilities likely not possible in the Warcraft III engine.

He’s Mischief at no cost at level one and it doesn’t improve through the sport, although the Monkey King has six abilities.

Strike that is boundless: It feels and seems just like a miniature fissure that does impassible terrain is created by n’t.

Tree Dancing: Monkey King can jump right into a tree and can’t be observed by enemies without flying eyesight (even next to towers or units on high ground). He could be in a position to jump into trees created by Iron Branches and he can’t be observed by units on ground that is high or towers.

He could be stunned for four seconds in case the tree he’s in is ruined.

Primal Springtime: Monkey King jumps from a tree after doing damage channeling and slowing enemies. He can channel for as much as two seconds, slowing for as long as channeled and is able to jump up to 1000 units away.

Jingu Mastery: If Monkey King strikes the exact same hero four times, his next five strikes are imbued with additional lifesteal and damage (quite a bit). If he assaults multiple heroes, each of them take counters, in case a hero isn’t assaulted within fifteen seconds, but the count restarts.

This can be a notable lane-management capability, and is generally planning to be your degree one skill.

Boundless Strike may activate Jingu Mastery and will add counters, if charged Jingu Mastery, but nevertheless, you WOn’t profit from lifesteal. It’s going to just remove one charge regardless of just how many units are hit while Jingu Mastery is charged if Boundless Strike can be used.

Mischief: Monkey King chooses a disguise suitable for his environment. He ’ll turn right into a tree. He ’ll turn into a dropped a courier or thing. In an area that is rune, he’ll turn into a rune.

Enemy non-hero units is not going to start new strikes after a non-courier disguise is taken if he’s a tree moving around inside his competitions’ tower. As a courier, he’s got a motion rate of 350, so he’s really considerably quicker at early levels as a courier (this might be ideal for getting to lane to plant wards). To 200, his motion rate drops as other units.

To be always a courier, it appears he must maintain a path aside from trees (essentially, in which a courier might go); it nevertheless may require several attempts.

If Monkey King chooses any damage, he’ll revert form (including if an assault that has been started before he takes a disguise strikes him, he’ll immediately revert to his hero type).

Authentic vision doesn’t show Monkey King in disguise, however he can be clicked or targeted under common rules and can’t be targeted by things like Tangoes or Quelling Blade while a tree.

Wukong’s Order: It creates a big area where he is able to fight for 13/14/15 seconds as well as give him (and his minions). 14 units are created. Pathing is not blocked by Monkey sentries.

This charm would match especially well with Vacuum, Turbulence, Kinetic Field, and Black Hole.

6. Gift Trees as an alternative to Stats

Like all leveling conclusions, these cannot be altered in the sport.

Every hero has these, but I don’t believe you should memorize them unless you’re playing in a semi pro level. Only play with heroes and get a feeling of the things they are able to do with constructs combining each branch. For the large part, the choices replace specific things which could be constructed (raw HP, attack speed, stats).

One pleasant thing relating to this change is the fact that it keeps supports survivability which they couldn’t get or a lot more important to the late game, where they’ve upgrades for their damage. Although most games are around by then, which ought to help make more draft options competitive after 45 minutes.

That’s a bummer for supports who regularly fight to get to level 18, but might aid these in the mid-match. What this means is that degrees 19, 21-24 give choices to no leveling. Ability trees may be bypassed so that real abilities could be leveled the same as with abilities.


That because every hero has been simply changed by every one of the changes to leveling and mechanisms at her or his heart, so altering their charms was too much to balance. A few dozen heroes got buffs that were smallish, but here

Lycan: Feral pulsation supplies HP regeneration and no further supplies strike speed, but instead does considerably more damage at higher levels.

Wolves that are summoned go undetectable at cripple and level four at degree 3, and they assault somewhat quicker.

This hero remains a pusher, but will work particularly well with other shoving heroes, like Nature’s Prophet. He is able to also supply an early howl to an adequate team fight edge, however a howl that is late is going to do very little.

Necrophos: Death Pulse damage was reduced, but could be paired using a brand new power: Ghost Shroud. Necrophos ethereal to get several seconds turns and gives a 600 AOE slow air for enemies. Necrophos is fixed for 50% more, while in this kind but takes 20% more magic damage. It’s a pretty long cooldown.

Reapear’s Scythe does additional damage with Aghanim’s or no more disables buyback it reduces cooldown.

Omniknight: He endures a minor decrease to Repel duration with a growth in cooldown. Adversaries can no more repel.

Purification fix down at the coodown as well as higher degrees is higher at early levels, even though it costs less mana.

Techies: Accurate vision not do magic damage, CAn’t be piled, and reveals land mines. Yet, they likewise tend not to go off immediately, rather disclosing themselves when adversaries are close and burst after 1.6 seconds of a nearby enemy. They do damage buildings despite being magic damage. They’re able to be assaulted down quite readily, although quelling blade cannot ruin these mines.

That nuke price 50% of Techies’ max HP and will even quiet competitors in your community. If Techies projects this with less than 50% HP, he’ll self-refuse.

Before the charm really begins without showing like Shadow Fiend’s Requiem of Spirits, Techies can throw this from invisibility. Techies just isn’t shown until he may be found naturally if project from fog of war.

Perhaps most of all, Stasis snare origins enemies instead of detonates that is stunning but also immediately. In addition they never expire but don’t give eyesight.

Treant Protector has Nature’s Guise as a passive, noncastable charm that may turn him invisible when he’s trees that are near like Riki, to get a duration. Overlook when Treant assaults while undetectable, he’ll become visible following the strike, as well as the strike is going to have stun and cannot.

Visage: Familiars are components with regen rules that are standard, additionally they get the protection of Gravekeeper’s Clock if Visage that is near.

Most professionals I talked to said these heroes were underwhelming at their degree of play, and they didn’t anticipate to view them decided regularly even should they were added.

Chaos Knight, Chen, Shadow Shaman, Invoker are honorable mentions and needs to be inquired.


Antimage: This doesn’t block charms that are allied but is disabled with break.

Bounty Hunter:

Chaos Knight: Lets Phantoms to be cast like Weaver’s Time Lapse scepter, for an ally. Additionally reduces greatest cooldown by 20 seconds.

Crystal Maiden: This one looks really great.


Invoker: Invoke is now set by scepter cooldown .


Nature’s Prophet: Increases bounce longer and does less damage to represent the same nerf without scepter to the supreme.

Necrophos: Scepter has no other effects and reduces greatest cooldown.

Phantom Lancer: Spirit Lance bounces as many as five times, creating an illusion on every rebound.


Sand King: No longer uses Caustic Ending to delusions, only heroes.

Shadow Shaman: Mass Serpent Wards assault two units simultaneously and strike 225 further. Without scepter, this supreme does splash damage.

Skywrath Mage: Anytime Skywrath throws a skill, a distinct arbitrary target within 700 AoE of the initial objective is likewise hit. Prioritizes heroes.

Slark: Reduces makes all favorable heroes within 325 units undetectable while Shadow Dance is active and greatest cooldown to 30 seconds.

Sniper: Assassinate is earth-targeted with 400 AoE which strike them even when they leave that place and will lock onto all heroes. Does 2.8 crucial strike and procs headshot. Can be disjointed and dodged, as well as gives an indication during project time to targeted enemies.

Zeus: Zeus gets damage increase, instead finding a fresh skill which summons a storm cloud everywhere around the map.

9. Dota 7.00 Interface Changes: Drafting is distinct, teamwork is superior

It’s no surprise the first shifts you’ll when booting Dota 2 see wages teamwork; Dota continues to be shifting since 2012. Now you should have added alternatives for indicating heroes when entering a game. You’ll haphazard in the event that you may not choose a hero down.

The planning stage now allows you emphasize favorite lanes to talk to teammates, place mark where you anticipate adversaries to go, and put down mark where you would like to set wards. Prior to the game starts, you can even purchase your things.

You’ll also find that you’ve got eyesight that is substantially greater as a result of a HUD that is transformed. While looking at their advice when you click an enemy hero, you can nevertheless control your personal hero, as well as the minimap is resizeable.

For the large part, this might reduce mechanical ability cap but will even make the sport a lot more accessible, particularly to new players enthusiastic about getting their feet wet after years of playing with League of Heroes or Legends of the Storm. I suspect old guard players will find yourself happily adapting after several tweaks to it.


Expiring to neutrals has a minimal respawn of 26 seconds, unless you must so don’t do it.

Dragon Knight’s delusions don’t get no delusions benefit and Dragon Blood from Magic Opposition bonuses. Along having an alteration to Dark Seer’s greatest, this change could hit him especially hard, by standing in a wall that was misplaced, as adversaries can in fact farm gold. It should also somewhat decrease the prevalence of Shadow Demon/ Alchemist/ strategies, although I’m not convinced a tiny gold and xp bounty is likely to be sufficient to discourage these are carried by Naga Siren.

Get used to hitting on the alt key often to assess information including mana and friend health.