Dota 2 Asia Tournaments Qualifiers Recap

The attending teams as all regional qualifiers have reasoned have been finalized by the 2017 Dota 2 Asia Championships.

Along with the four teams that were welcome, Wings Gaming, and Evil Geniuses, Newbee, OG have set their course to attend the 2017 DAC occasion. Eight teams from across the world have punched their tickets to Shanghai by means of a sequence of qualifying matches.

iG Energy (China)
LGD.Eternally Youthful (China)
The twelve teams in total earned their approach by means of a week-long to the next DAC occasion set of matches against the top teams in their area.

Team VG.J also finished first in their various group, despite only winning three of the matches and tying another two. With Invictus and VG.J already qualified, just two positions stayed with four teams competing for them: CDEC Gaming, iG Energy, LGD.Eternally Youthful and Vici Gaming. While LGD did the same to Energy cDEC took Vici in their matchup down. When both victor fought with each other, LGD could finish a 2-0 sweep and clinch a DAC place. CDEC wasn’t out of yet, nevertheless, as they’d play the victor of Vici and iG Energy. Energy could survive and eliminate the great team; winning 2-1. The impetus appeared to be in another series in the favor of Energy as CDEC swept and became the final qualifying Chinese team.

The Southeast Asian area held an eight-team qualifier a mixed-nationality team that placed 5 finals. Faceless went 2-0 in their group, progressing to the playoffs to confront Mineski.GGNetwork, the second-place team in another group. Faceless immediately swept and moved on to confront WarriorsGaming.Unity, a team they swept in group play. Now, however, WG was prepared and conquered Faceless in three matches to proceed to the Grand Final. In another match, Faceless and TNC matched up. Faceless could finish another sweep to progress to play WG.Unity once more. In the Grand Final, Faceless dismantled their adversaries, defeating them in in just under 17 minutes in the next as well as less than half an hour in the initial match to end up being the only Southeast Asian qualifiers. In the last match, WG was held to only one single kill, while Faceless racked up 16 of their very own.

Team Liquid ended in the top in the European qualifier, getting the better of the astonishing ‘B)ears’ in the Grand Final. Liquid would finish a sweep in their own. This generated a confrontation between Liquid and B)ears, where Liquid would take a hard fought success. Yet again, Cloud9 was embroiled by B)ears. This generated a rematch between B)ears and Liquid. Sadly, Liquid prepared nicely while B)ears’ magic ran out as Liquid became the qualifying team and immediately won the series.

DC could sweep the most popular team of NP. This must have fired up NP as they steamrolled through the low mount after the loss, sweeping coL and Onyx, who was conquered by DC at the same time. This led to a different rematch between NP and DC, unarguably third and the second -greatest teams in North America, just behind Evil Geniuses. NP was eventually capable to overcome Digital Chaos, clinching a spot in the 2017 Dota Asia Championships, and winning the series in two matches.

Ultimately, we’ve got the CIS qualifier. Eight of the most effective teams in the area fought for the closing DAC position. In groups, was not able to compete on account of net dilemmas, compelling them to forfeit all their matches. This resulted in Team Spirit and Effect to top the group while Vega Squadron and Team Empire captured the opposite group. Effect and Empire progressed after conquering Vega Squadron and Spirit to the next round of playoffs . Empire managed to sweep Effect in the series matching the utmost effective two group play teams against each other. Spirit swept again as they did to progress to the Grand Final -challenge Team Empire. Unlike the initial show, Effect could get a match, winning the first one. They were not able to win the series, yet, losing another two matches the closing DAC team, to Empire.

Since the qualifiers have ended, all eyes are on the $500,000 tournament that starts play on Mar. 28. The victor is likely to be between the best two teams on the planet, Evil Geniuses and OG, but the outcome cannot be sure when adding in defending TI6 winners, Wings Gaming, and an always-tough pack of teams starving to destroy the greatest’s opportunities at another title.