Summit 7 Preview

The bevy of high-caliber Dota two and meme machine at the shape of the ever-successful The Summit returns using their 7th version. Organized from BeyondTheSummit, 8 teams vie for $100,000 in their lovely house in Los Angeles beginning on the 14th of June. The possibility of direct invitations for TI loom large this month when Valve shows them around precisely the exact same time they did this past year. That having been said, The Summit 7 may play an essential part in specifying the destiny of CIS giants Virtus Pro, whilst help other teams such as Na’Vi and CDEC protected invites into the regional qualifiers, or even only reaffirm them. The championship also will play a decisive part in shaping the changes and upgrades over which TI shall precede over given the following premier tournament will happen within 30 days until TI.

With the degree of the rivalry that this tournament packs together with the timeless Summit stream sofa casting and capacity of memes, we provide a look at the teams and that which they bring into the championship.


The defenders of this Summit. From the ever changing CIS scene, both Solo and his roster have been able to stay together for almost a year. Their exceptionally impressive performance in the Major, along with an exceptionally good track record spanning over the previous 3 weeks, surely creates the CIS giants one of the favorites to the championship. They have their own host of problems, however, that will need to be dealt with.

With 10 matches on 7.06 and boasting of a mere 50 percent winrate with no rivalry of leading contenders, Virtus Guru’s showing from the present patch was markedly underwhelming. Perhaps their main fallout from the shift in meta was Ramzes666, who’s started to fall behind around their classic central drive timings. The group also enters the championship with an experience drawback with the current patch, provided that Team Secret and Team NP played with the Manila Masters. Their exceptionally gifted carry player will have to step up and their staff overall wants to bring the plow and a few LAN magic.

The arrival of 7.00 was critical for the then recently formed roster of VG.J. Beneath the leading performance by rOtk on Black Seer and Nyx Assassin, the group immediately built up a formerly underwater reputation by winning two big qualifiers and placing 2nd in the Starladder i-League StarSeries Season 3, dropping just to Team Liquid but also handling to take the tournament down favorites OG within their own run. Thereafter, the group was in a loss of momentum and a subsequent reduction series, leading to them not contesting a notable variety of championships. They placed 7th/8th in DAC, 5th/6th in the Chinese Dota two Professional League, also failed to qualify for the Zotac Qualifier Cup Experts Qualifiers and EPICENTER- and of course a Brief run in the Kiev Major which reasoned in the round of 8.

7.06 along with the past couple of games of aggressive Dota 2 have not been fairly for VG.J either. The group tumbled in the Starladder i-League Invitational two, not able to procure one victory. They appeared to haven’t devised their general plan, given that the absence of a fantastic performance in the occasion. VG.J must comprehend their staff makeup and adapt into the meta and the personalities that it needs so as to stay a competitor.

Their roster began from a stage where enthusiasts forecast the death of the along with the business’s career. Transferring to present times, Secret lately won 2 qualifiers and attended numerous LAN events within this competitive year. The accession of Yapzor, that has been brilliant on a range of personalities, has made Secret stand out among the best European teams.

Team Secret have appreciated a rather green season of aggressive Dota 2. Sporting a 67.2 percent win-rate post-7.00, they’ve been able to maintain their minds afloat despite not earning much preliminary progress during the initial two months. They feature a 60 percent win-rate in 7.06, suggesting that they’re a confident group in the current meta. Yapzor has been able to perform with a varied arsenal of heroes, changing into the 4th and 5th position easily, all of the while excelling. In general, Secret does deliver a whole lot more to the table compared to Virtus Pro, awarded their win from them, but their loss in the hands of Team NP in the Manila Pros does wreck their promise to be the favorites to the championship.

Replacing Clutch Gamers who could not make it into the main event because of visa difficulties, the present roster of Digital Chaos gives a opportunity to win a LAN event. With so few showings out of DC it is hard to understand exactly how well they will perform against the remaining teams in The Summit. Their bets lie on shaky grounds of these being a much better team than what we had been treated to in the Zotac Cup Experts.

Mason has turned out to be quite powerful on a ton of personalities. Following a very impressive performance in The Summit Qualifiers at which Abed was a true nightmare about the mid-lane, he’s slowed down throughout 7.06. The Philippine import is yet to hit a chord with the present meta, and together with all the group turning his playstyle quite frequently, it’s of prime importance that he finds his bottom.

EternalEnvy’s brand new roster post-Team Secret hasn’t looked finer, more powerful, and more willing to acquire a LAN than previously. (And boy did this move nicely in favor of those.) The yield of FATA- into the competitive scene following a brief stint with Team B)ears has proved incredibly successful for the Canadian business. In the end, the accession of pieliedie, although not being overly apparent of a variable at first glance, nevertheless has had its perks, but most notably the firmness he brings to the group, and how he empowers AUI to play with his role.

To best their portfolio is the current win against Team Secret in the Manila Pros. That is not to say that they create the best claim to the throne nevertheless, given their dismal performance at each LAN they’ve attended. The Summit 7 provides (close) home-ground to allow them to pick up their first ever offline occasion achievement. Or will the notorious 2nd area curse hit again?

At a resounding victory against Team Empire at the finals and a very heart-pounding run from the qualifiers entire, Dendi was able to make himself applicable from the worldwide circuit again. While the yield of Sonneiko into the roster was able to enhance the tides for its Ukrainian organization, their bet at the numero uno position still remains riddled with intense difficulties. The group is yet to genuinely work out with regard to results within the previous competitive calendar year, together with the saving grace concerning prize bonuses being a meagre $6,000 from putting 6th/8th in DreamLeague.

Moreover, we should not be overconfident in Na’Vi with their 3-0 at the forefront at the Summit Qualifier. The Summit 7 will probably be their final attempt to get some momentum to themselves and build confidence before they confront the mountain before them.

Team Empire, arguably tackling the 2nd greatest CIS roster, next just to fellow opponents Virtus Pro, have been unable to leave a mark following the loss of the final roster and most of all, celebrity player Ramzes666. Team Empire have not qualified for any significant tournament with the exception being DAC 2017 (which also with just 2/5th of the present roster).

Since 7.00, the group appears to have fallen short mainly into the esoterically expert on several occasions. The group dropped the Kiev Major CIS Qualifier into Na’Vi, StarLadder i-League Invitational Qualifiers into Comanche, Zotac Cup Experts Qualifiers into Team Singularity, EPICENTER 2017 Qualifiers into Vega, Summit 7 EU Qualifiers into Na’Vi once more, before finally registering a success in the LootBet Invitational from Vega and consequently procuring an invitation to this event. It’s an uphill task to create a case for Ghostik’s group to actually be a significant aspirant to maintain first location.

Joining the numerous once-famed now-slumped titles at the circuit, the Maybe-centric roster for the current competitive season have earned prize money just but after, by putting 2nd that also from the China-only championship, Dota two Professional League. The present team collectively don’t have any LAN vulnerability whatsoever with global tournaments being constantly 1 spot away. The silver lining however is that they happen to be trodden upon by internationally recognized clubs in the present period of time, which is Newbee, Invictus Gambling and today, LFY.

Like most teams at the race for Your Summit 7, LGD also seem to go into the mega race to The International using a surge of optimism within the rear of winning an global LAN event. The odds are definitely stacked against their favor, and also to not overlook that the Chinese qualifier invitation was initially procured by CDEC Gambling, who collapsed in procuring visas. However again, Old eLeVeN procuring himself a LAN success looks improbable.