Crystallize interview:” I can not be a priest. I really don̵ …

As the sole participant staying with the business during the numerous roster shuffles since 2017, Crystallize was sort to answer some hard questions concerning the numerous line-up alterations, to go over his communication abilities and he took the in game chief function, but has also opened up on his private life and the way the extreme three-year training placed on hold a few of his fantasies.

The meeting has been conducted at Ukrainian and has been edited to get a smoother reading in English. It is possible to come across the Russian variant at
Let us begin our interview by speaking about the recent roll shift announcement.

When we chose to alter the rosterwe needed to sketch some candidates out: that do we understand, with whom would we prefer to perform with, who did we follow along, possibly who stood out with himself. Everyone suggested someone renowned. We had a good deal of time, and we can test enough men and women. Some individuals fitted us fairly nicely, but with a few candidates, we fought to be on precisely the exact same page. We played Clan Wars and took into account some significant aspects we were searching for in people at the moment.
Which are these facets, if it is not a mystery?

We looked for a individual who has leadership qualities, who’d be involved from the draft. And, of course, he has to be a powerful player.
Of these players who you chose, among these, as I know it, is a proficient player for mid, and the next is an in-game caller?

Yes. We considered several candidates to the middle lane and we stopped at youthful G.
What on your new fourth-position participant, Immersion?

He’ll be kind of the pioneer. And the chief should be, to start with, proficient. He doesn’t need to choose the macro elements. He must stand well from the street, comprehend well sure timings, and also exactly what exactly the win condition is.
Why not think about taking the captain function yourself?

First of all, it impacts my match. I attempted to get it done, but not for quite a very long time, and it had been clearly impacting my match. And yes I really don’t possess the character because of this. I can not be a priest.
Can you guys try with several other players you had about the roster, with CemaTheSlayer for instance? I know that following Zayac abandoned you were trying to find a service 4 in a rush, but why would you part ways with Cema too, what exactly did not work?

After we chose Semyon, we needed to desperately find the”four”. Of all of the people we analyzed, Semyon was the ideal alternative. He’s a really skilled player, we handed the qualifiers fairly readily, but whenever the internet championships began, we encountered some issues in the team. It is more difficult to work online, to a certain extent.
Can you speak to Zayac after he abandoned?

I chatted together Instagram. At the point there was a small strange circumstance. It is his choice. I know it. What’s figured out with him today.
Let us move on to a different participant. CemaThe Slayer was substituted by bad. In the beginning, it seemed that Cema augmented the roster, but in the long run he laps him. Why?

One of the fourth standing players, we wanted to play so awful that the most. He had been all we had: a priest and a drafter. He satisfied us. Immersion appeared.

When we began playing Vitaliy(so poor ), there was this kind of scenario we couldn’t play any fresh midder. We needed to play MagicaL and so awful. Idan played since he had no option. Because of this, we created the conclusion which Immersion is more acceptable for us. Vitaliy confessed himself that he wasn’t prepared yet. He wants more time to grow as an individual participant. We determined that Immersion is best for us in the present time.

He knew. We’d stagnation for fourteen days when everybody didn’t know what to do to repair the mistakes. We played poorly. Nothing helped. All issues remained even after speaking about mending them. He knew that there could be a shuffle, which he was going to be substituted.

Can you not believe at any stage that this shuffle may see you leaving too?

No. I had been present when we chose each of the things.
You’ve been using Natus Vincere for quite a while, but I believe you were not feeling at a comfort zone all the time. Can you ever think to depart so as to keep progressing as an individual participant?

It’s frequently said it is essential to modify the situation so as to progress. It appears to me this depends upon the individual. It is not like that I am sitting here using the very same individuals for many years, like nothing occurs. People are shifting, and if you determine how they understand something, you may want some time to proceed and experience exactly the exact same thing. Perhaps that will help. However, actually, if you consider it, I did not play any other expert team.

People have a tendency to say that you’re a stiff carry, which you’re stuck at the older Dota playstyle etc.. At precisely the exact same time, you’re among those very few CIS carry players with a quite large MMR score. Do you understand about it, does this affect you?

I read various opinions occasionally. Obviously, I understand about it, but it somehow doesn’t actually impact me. I am stress-resistant or some thing. Everybody who performed with me knows this: it is tough to push me in to tilt. People who criticize, they do not see the entire picture, what’s happening and it’s happening like that.
What are the three greatest strengths?

I’m good at getting together with everybody. I stay in great relationships with individuals even following shuffles. Perhaps because I’m not arrogant. I create concessions at distinct points. With me, it’s no problem to discover a compromise in certain scenarios.

What else… Perhaps the fact that I really can exhibit more playstyles. I am able to play space producing heroes and difficult carry. And the next… no thought. Let’s settle .
I had been looking in the Dotabuff profile and that I could see just championship games, so allow me to ask you: If will Crystallize play with Death Prophet carry or Ember Spirit together with the speedy Urn of Shadows?

I played with Ember, however he generally gets prohibited in the initial phase. We also attempted to play with Death Prophet carry, but we did not succeed, so we didn’t apply this in official games. I played Riki quite frequently. This is a distance producing carry, by way of instance, he begins to fight premature.
Where’s Necrophos on this listing?

I adore this particular hero, but he does not get the job done for the first place, not for me personally, unlike Nature’s Prophet carry… I played with a great deal on it. 40 matches per month. But we arrived at the conclusion that this is much more of a mid century hero. Some personalities are absent since we did not figure out how to scrim together, or it is difficult to construct a plan around them. I played with Dragon Knight position one, and that I really don’t understand why you forgot about my own Bounty Hunter.
At the start of the interview you stated your personality isn’t suited to being the team captain. But, a carry should have a powerful voice from the group. People today talk about you as a trendy carry with a poor voice. Can you focus on fixing this ?

Yes. When SoNNeikO abandoned and 9pasha arrived, I started to work actively on it. Together with Akbar, I had been just a carry that performs with. Nothing more was demanded. Akbar talked for everybody. However, while 9pasha and Cema arrived, someone else needed to perform what Akbar was performing. This is really where I began to do the job.

I am able to direct, but I can not tell everybody what to do. I see the match from my place and I will tell my group”I’m strong today — accompany me, I’m weak today — I need space, time, protect me” But I can not state:”The three of you go there, I will farm for some time, allow the mid triumph the lane .”
Does at TI9 you stated to not select the throne, however you weren’t discovered?

It was this kind of match scenario… Yes, I was against going to the throne, but I didn’t insist on it. I stated that it is not worthwhile, but Akbar desired… The most important issue would be to come to an arrangement. Everybody does something. If it does not work, it is already like this.
How did NAVI manage the conquer TI9, did you guys speak, obtained through the challenging time collectively, or has everybody scattered from the chambers and sat there, killing time?

We had been together. The one thing I do not recall is that the day we ended playing. It was night. Then we simply parted. However, the following day we gathered in the day, in the”celebration”, to sit inside the room, talk.
At the start of 2019 you stated that you have a lot of aims: to be on peak of the leaderboards, for into The International and rather get a high 3 there and also to resolve several health issues. So far as I know, the primary problem isn’t a problem. You’re the best CIS carry. You have to TI. So, do you predict this past year a fantasy come true?

It was quite cool to have about the TI stage. However, TI as a championship, it is not much different compared to Majors and additional occasions. The point and the employees were cool. Otherwise, I have been to resorts before, the folks behind the scene are basically the same, that the press folks are exactly the same, what is exactly the same with everything you encounter let us state in a Major.

When the Chinese groups played with, everything burst from the stadium…
Picture credits: Valve

Thus far, insufficient. The personalities remain untouched, so it is somewhat uncertain at which the patch will really go. I’m still hoping to obtain some new attributes, something which will be innovative, but it appears I have hardly any ideas in my head at this time. I do not really wish to innovate something, since the enthusiast changes are yet to be carried out. Thus far, the thing changes are fine. Necronomicon got mended, they had been too imbalanced. Lycan loses his position at the meta, therefore it is all great.
You mentioned that playing internet is harder. Why is it harder for you ?

The main point is that everybody plays out of their comfort zone, even in the home. It’s simple to become idle. You let yourself be overly relaxed. Comfort zone. Lazy more. Also it is more challenging to go over things together with your teammates, since you don’t see everyone’s response.
Best 3 CIS carry players from Crystallize.

The first is likely iLTW. I’m friends with him and that I know what sort of man he is. He’s a versatile player and also a trendy man. Afterward, Daxak. He performs very well. He’s got a great pool of heroes. How he gives his finest in bars is even somewhat odd for me. He even”sweats” each match, tells everybody what to do. And you also can see how he’s progressing. He was able to mute everybody and was he hushed. You can now see how he’s working to change. And the next… undoubtedly, V-Tune.
Perhaps you have been offered by another team?

Once. This wasn’t qualifying for TI8, when we dropped to ALOHADANCE.
Following the tax deduction, then you should have on your bank accounts about one hundred million dollars in prize money, and wages. Has cash had some influence on your daily life?

Generally, I convey with hardly any folks in my personal life. Do women compose? Yes, occasionally they do. However, I’m seldom assessing the guide messages. They generally need to talk.
You’ve developed a lot because you combined NAVI, you’re older now. When you have a look at this three-year interval, do you say you shifted, or are you the exact same child?

80% I am still the same, likely.
And what’s contained in the 20%, what would be the new things you found?

Traveling is trendy. I started to see some traveling shows and sites. I love it. It is a type of fantasy, I do not even know…
Where do you want to go?

Primarily, I want to Visit Japan, of course. I’ve not ever been from the sea.

Yes. For all this time that I have never taken a holiday. Though there were several fractures, folks went to break, but I always played and sat. So yeah, I want to walk from the sea to maintain character to fulfill, people, adventure and learn about their customs… I have this film in my mind, from films: a beach with white sand, palm trees, and a crystal clear sea. That is exactly what I need.