Fresh hero Zhu to be released right after Kiev Major

Valve have announced the forthcoming inclusion of a completely new hero, Zhu, that will become the 114th hero.

Those expecting the DAC 2017 main event opening ceremony will be epic poem got just what they expected for as Valve announced the inclusion of a brand new hero, Zhu. Valve have posted the fresh hero is going to be published by the end of the month in conjuction following the Kiev Major using a fresh TI BattlePass.

Ba Jie is one of three helpers that help a monk to take back the Budhist scriptures .

Valve released the skills of Zhu on the official hero page along with links to the Arcana of Zhu.

Valve said within their site post the hero is going to be get to the evaluation customer so that you can balance the hero efficiently ahead to be released formally to the sport.