Land of icons: EU is better than NA

Fact. Europe has 9k players than NA.
Europe has twelve players which have reached the 9000 MMR landmark. While a few of them went to EU from other areas (eg. my Yeik Nai ‘MidOne’ Zheng), not one of them came from NA. Abed hardly counts having recently moved from Southeas Asia to the United States to play with us Team Onyx just over two months past.

Fact. More LANs are won by European Dota.
How about Majors? A European team was the very first to win multiple Valve occasions. One for Team Secret plus three Important triumphs for OG means a European team has won every Major up to now. The 2nd place team in every single Major far has been a team that is European.

What about LANs that are smaller you might inquire? Certainly, let’s have a look at Liquipedia’s “Premiere Tournaments” page. Not EG that is bad, but one team an area that is powerful.

The NA regional qualifier was initially meant to have ten teams such as the other areas, but two direct welcome teams were disqualified due to a disband and an unannounced roll change. With no Victor qualifier team that is ’, the NA regional had only seven teams. Where’s NA Dota, the fire? Simply as you can’t compete with DC or EG this minute doesn’t mean you can’t work about it.

Fact. North America’s greatest teams more often than not rely on players from some other areas.
OG simply found new players and won another Major, leaving EG in the debris in Boston, although eG saw OG win two Majors, and required a piece of the roll. A single team winning one TI doesn’t show the effectiveness of a whole area, although they were a 100% NA Dota team when EG won TI.

Us Digital Chaos are readily the 2nd most powerful team in NA Dota with four of five of their players coming from Europe, but their team is even NA than EG’s in the minute. The truth that they’re performing so well now doesn’t have some expression on NA Dota, but instead on the truth that Digital Chaos as an organization has helped these players to flourish.