Newbee took the series back sending the North Americans residence and …

Game One

In their very first match against Newbee, a solid triumph was taken by Evil Geniuses. After a play that was somewhat overzealous, Newbee lost their Divine Rapier, and soon after, the game.

Early match started off amazing for EG, as Andreas ‘Cr1t-‘ a fast double kill was picked up by Nielsen at the very best lane in return for Arteezy’s passing. Ludwig ‘Zai’ Wåhlberg’s compounded this across the map, which put up EG by four along with a few great farm.

It was clear that EG had considerably better late game scaling as the match winded down to its final stages. A ray of hope yet, seemed at 33 minutes, as Newbee defended EG’s highground push using a leading play from Hu ‘KAKA’ Liangzhi, catching SumaiL out. Newbee defended, detection blood in the water, smoked up for much more and taking Arteezy’s aegis. Newbee soon discovered SumaiL farming. It seemed to be catastrophe, but SumaiL’s quick fingers maintain the Rapier along with four and immediately turned the fight as a clutch BKB activation gave the boys in blue the time. Soon after, EG stormed bottom lane down, and after a valiant attempt, along using their clear farm edge, Newbee called gg together with the Rapier in hand.

Game Two

Seeing the effectiveness of the Monkey King that was roaming in game one, Newbee chose to pick up it for Ember Spirit for Sccc and themselves, along with some competitive heroes having a Juggernaut for uuu9. In the match, Newbee’s lineup seemed really powerful with a Abaddon for kpii to round it out. EG went with a more push concentrated lineup, using a Lina for SumaiL as well as a signature Naga Siren for Arteezy.

Early on, pressure was on the middle lane, as KAKA came again and time. Also, uuu9 got some farm that was fantastic too. Newbee started to transfer their farmed uuu9 and started to manage the sport, although the first ten minutes found EG nicely in charge of the lanes. Following a couple more stumbles from Newbee, as EG continued to hemorrhage heroes as previous 20 minutes, Newbee always controlled fights their power spike was hit by the Chinese squad, their hopes resting on Arteezy’s Naga Siren.

The Naga Siren only was to cope with Newbee’s four centers as the match went into its final stages. Newbee finally located the fights they wanted from EG off of some terrible errors despite delaying Newbee with some great schism shoving out, as well as success was claimed by the Chinese squad underneath the hour mark only following an unsuccessful smoking from EG.

Match Three

However when all is said and done, Newbee sent EG packing in over half an hour and clutched it out. EG similarly, had a lineup that is possibly disastrous, with a Morphling for the depressed, and an Enigma for Universe -boy himself.

Early on, SumaiL fought Sccc well and played really competitive. The true aggression nonetheless, occurred on the top lane, as the tri lane that was aggro always took advantage of the lowest misstep from Cr1t-‘s Io. When it comes to farm, Arteezy got very little using the aggression and was made to swap lanes, which went poor. Zai did his finest yet, moving round the map but Newbee were shrewd to his antics, and always tp’ed or rotated to prevent from occurring, anything harmful.

Despite his free farm that is complete, Universe only couldn’t appear to obtain the initiation that is best, as time from blinking in and he was stunned or prevented. While EG bids adieu to DAC 2017 Newbee move to confront iG V to get a position in the low bracket finals.