Team Empire: DAC bracket that was upper -headed?

Here’s a look at what occurred on Day 2 in Group A.

After powerful performances are ’sed by yesterday for il Tal ‘Fly’ Aizik on Visage, OG continued to draft the hero for his or her support player. They decided at it against Team Empire in the initial stage of both matches, conquering at ru Vladimir ‘Chappie’ Kuzmenko’s Meepo in both encounters.

OG’s Match 2 draft was especially intriguing because it was the very first tournament appearance for Arc Warden, who had been added to Captain’s Mode in 7.00, but has been mostly disregarded in the competitive arena so far.

LGD.Forever Young were the very first team to prohibit Fly’s Visage, but do no better than Empire. They played exceptionally conservatively in Game 1, enabling OG each of the space they needed for his or her Alchemist lineup to develop a healthy lead and complete the match with nominal fighting (and maximum farming).

Among the kills was on cn Du ‘Monet’ Peng’s Morphling, who had been perilously close to balling unmanageable. The fight resulted in an Aegis, as well as this match soon followed the Aegis -finishing team fight.

With that triumph, OG have only one match left to play against VG.J, whose performances so far haven’t inspired confidence. There’s a very good possibility that OG will appear in the group stage undefeated, a feat no other team can expect to attain.

Who’ll take second place?

Just one of tomorrow’s Group A fits issues as it pertains to teams fighting to get a place in the top mount.

If their record in the group stage so far is anything to go by team Empire have clearly done their assignments.

Wings on the other hand happen to be really inconsistent. They are able to well take a match if Team Empire can keep up their momentum, and they want. If Wings and Team Empire tie, Empire gets 2nd with 8 points. If among the two teams wins 2 – 0, it is made by that team to the top mount.

Because positioning in the underside four of the group will determine which teams face off in the initial round of playoffs that is not saying the remaining matches don’t matter. As the underside four of either group is far from determined only at that stage it is tough to say the way that it’ll all shake out.