Introducing: Liquid`GH

He answered a couple of questions for us about his transition to the group and his effect on the future.


For a number of folks new to the Dota scene, you kind of came from nowhere – how can you end up playing specialist Dota?
I was enjoying bar rated matchmaking for some time and that I had been doing well overall in my position and in my own gameplay.

Before going expert, I had been a major fan of this game so just like some people I’d sit numerous hours each day playing the game since I enjoyed it. I had been studying law in college that did not make it feasible for me to maintain a secure occupation.

Where does the title GH-God come out of?
GH-God came after some time of playing when my friends saw I was skilled. They admired my playstyle and observed me performing some gaudy play. It took me some time to notice actually since I was playing with “GH” as a nickname for some time and that I was not hoping to alter it.

What’s it like playing on a team such as Team Liquid – Would you feel any tension now that you are playing to get a storied company?
I do not feel pressure in its own perceived definition. It’s more of attempting to become the ideal day daily and always excited about another move and seeking to comprehend everything.

It is unbelievably straightforward. My captain KuroKy requested me to record down my favourite heroes and that I gave him 4 to 5 personalities that I prefer. And, just like this, by a high level comprehension and captaining abilities, he left all of my heroes best selections. Somehow, despite the fact that they weren’t meta personalities, he left them work. It is fine just how much faith and trust he actually places in me.

It looked like the group was having a good deal of fun on the market!
My very first LAN encounter was a mix of having to know my teammates and playing with these four individuals. In the beginning, it might look like something poisonous to perform particularly in this important championship, but what I will say for myself is that I actually enjoyed hanging out with those men. They felt just like old friends although I had not met them in actual life previously.

Initially I had this tingling feeling which “this is true today and I can not make mistakes or neglect”, but then on 2nd thought I had been comforted by the address we obtained the prior day on how I need to simply “have fun” and love myself. The matches performed so nicely that I obtained an automatic increase in the total ethical and so just wanted to love myself!

Can he have some advice?
KuroKy is this a pleasant, serene and friendly person. The absence of pressure owing to his existence and the increase of confidence is all that I had to really go out there and do my very best. He just said “You simply have fun,” and so I did.

Our gamers talk very highly about Mohamed, our supervisor — how did he assist you settle in the team?
Personally, I feel the team could not run without Mohamed because he is the brakes of the group. I saw firsthand just how much he is prepared to go to produce every single person comfortable so we all need to worry about is playing with the match. On a private level Mohamed helped me so much through every tough process I needed to undergo, particularly with my passport and flight difficulties. Moreover, he constantly checks up to determine if everything is nice and moving according to plan. He is the man in the trunk that runs the entire series and makes sure each and every participant doesn’t have anything to be concerned about.

Have you got a teammate you are closest with? Who proposed that you be caused as a trial, and then part of the group?
I have met all my teammates several occasions in bar games and became gradually more of a buddy than just a different club participant and I guess that they only liked me as a participant. Over the championship span in DreamHack we grew to understand each other and we have ensured a lot as teammates and individuals.

Could you explain all your teammates with a single sentence?
Miracle = convivial
MATUMBAMAN = attentive
MinD_ContRoL = meticulous

Do you guys believe the meta will probably be shaky for some time or are there certainly powerful strategies?
Dota altered in several ways within this fresh patch, but that I would not say it is a ground breaking shift since goals continue to be rather the exact same even with the growth of a few new instruments to achieve said aims. But overall it’s still as hectic as may be and I suppose we are gonna need to await a large LAN event to determine how the best teams will approach and adopt these changes.

What’s your view on the gift system?
The gift system constitutes its absence that the supports usually needed in scaling to become applicable late game. As a service player myself I enjoy it!

Underpowered? That hero is mad if performed nicely and if employed to the very best of his skills.

What’s your favourite hero to play at the new patch? Did any of those reworks grab your attention? Least favourite?
Shadow Fiend’s abilities have made him an overdue match BEAST, and I am sure all groups will approach those modifications in a welcoming fashion, either attacking or choosing him.

Any final words to your fans who have supported you since the start?
I wan nana provide a special shoutout to all of my supporters out there. I wanna have the ability to let them know that they are these particular types of individuals that I love and I thank hugely to be with me during my entire trip. I truly appreciate the bond that I have with my lovers.