Chaos Esports Club Remove HellRaisers to Attain Dota Summit 11 finals

The CIS team could not keep up with the speed.

While the lane conflicts might have been entertaining for audiences to observe, Chaos outclassed HellRaisers’ support selections early in both matches, which resulted in a bad team combat performances.

Despite the Alik”V-Tune” Vorobey and Alexander”Nix” Levin using strong matches, it was not sufficient to prevent the continuously growing lead Chaos was constructing. With both of the supports on lockdown and Megacreeps in 34 minutes, HellRaisers dropped the opening match for the afternoon.

Game two seemed fine throughout the draft for the two sides, but when the game really started, the Faceless Void-Zeus-Warrunner center became an instantaneous force from the lanes. MSS also was able to pull on Rubick, which when coupled with YawaR’s Void, immediately put HellRaisers on note.

CCnC’s Zeus was godlike, coping just under 60,000 protagonist harm whilst procuring 10 kills and 25 assists.

HellRaisers needed to play with a second straight game trusting that the frontline players can hold up under the constant pressure and detect a weakness. However, with no support heroes, a number of the team struggles became impossible to triumph. They had one chance after choosing CCnC along with also a missed Chronosphere transformation, however MSS returned using a sneak on Static Storm to guarantee the second triumph for Chaos.

After the match, MSS had prodding to perform before the group moved on to confront iG from the grand finals, forecasting his group could get penalized by 3-0’ing the Chinese group.

“I think that it is going to be 3-0,” MSS explained. “That is it, mic fall.”

IG dominated Chaos within their very first meeting between both teams, winning 2-0 and progressing to the grand finals. If MSS desires his forecast to be accurate, his group will want to come out with a solid draft in game , which starts at 3pm CT.