Lockdown Time: Let’s See Some Classics!

Amid these days of international crisis and lockdown at which we know not exactly what day of the week it’s, LiquidDota brings for you a brief collection of some of their most effective competitive matches in Dota two’s 10-year history. Sit down and buckle up as we take you through eight legendary matches in this period of restlessness. Relive some of the stupidest and amazing games which have shaped the aggressive history of this sport most of us love. Selecting eight of these was, by no means simple at all as there are several memorable games. Everybody has different views, but we hope that you find these games as pleasurable as we’d believed them. These matches are put in no order except averaging (oldest to latest ), and with no further ado, let’s flip the pages of Dota two’s competitive history.


This match could very easily be characterised as the dominance of [A]lliance back at the summer of 2013, just a few months prior to their fated conquest of The International 3. Of all of the items for [A]lliance to perform in an internet competitive game, they opted to take on TobiWan’s challenge: Require rax at the first ten minutes. They went over and beyond that, they brought”ggwp” from iNfernity just a couple of seconds until they shot the underside melee rax at 7:57. Employing a distinctive draft and especially captained in this match by [A]dmiralBulldogthey gave no kills up, and just grouped as 5 round the 6-minute markers to rampage down the base lane.

Na`Vi vs TongFu
2 words: Fountain hook. A mythical game stand watch to the older Chen send back + Pudge hook combo which single-handedly turned into a losing match around. Possibly the most well-known wake of the game stays Loda’s clear outrage from the player lounge after the match:”HOW IS THAT BALANCED? Curiously however, Hao, the most important victim of those fountain hooks, had no actual difficulty with it. His view may be summarised as,”It happens. It was cheesy and we needed to play it. But we had been weak and neglected to play it.” . This game is well worth revisiting for the utter absurdity of those plays that attracted Na`Vi for their third successive TI Grand Finals.

Possibly the most well-known sport in Dota 2 background for the multiplayer perform along with back-and-forth nature of this sport, certainly we needed to add it in this list. Since I combined LiquidDota at 2016, among those TL admins has ever maintained the belief that XBOCT won TI3. Disastrous 4-man ganks out of [A]lliance throughout the laning stage saw amazing jukes and turnarounds from XBOCT’s Alchemist. Dendi’s TA utterly crushed s4’s puck at the mid lane, along with Na`Vi’s competitive trilane across the Batrider ensured a fantastic transition . Again and again, Na`Vi held the lead in this match, but as with all these games, the Rosh Pit changed matters. Constant lengthy, protracted battles across the Pit maintained [A]lliance from the match, forcing Na`Vi to commit a lot more funds than anticipated to procuring the Aegis to get a high-ground push. Meanwhile, [A]lliance’s notorious first-phase Furion + Wisp did its job: Kills mean nothing, throne signifies everything.

The concluding LAN prior to The International 2014, ESL One Frankfurt would determine the groups on whose backs goals were put at TI4. In the quarterfinal, this game stood out as [A]lliance’s signature Furion + Wisp combo came to play, its massive split compelling capabilities fully exhibited within an otherwise one-sided match in favour of C9.

Vici Gambling vs Cloud9

After being run over by TI5’s dark horse CDEC at the Upper Bracket, Cloud9 were confronted with yet another powerful opponent. For all, this match cemented fy’s standing as a member of, if not the finest, Rubick players on earth, absurd steal after steal sealing C9’s destiny at a 70-minutes extended slugfest for their championship lives. That alone makes this game worth revisiting, as we celebrate that the Prince of all Chinese Dota.

Two words, possibly 3: Mag + Ember. The Mag + melee carry combo is now a staple of fundamental Dota combos, replicated in bars and ace games equally, but this game actually demonstrated its potential Secret, despite having a huge deficit during the sport, defended their highground differently, and quickly dismantled EG in many of bold double Rapier plays from EternaLEnVy’s Ember Spirit.
TI6 Upper Bracket Round 1 Game 1
MVP.Phoenix vs OG
As unthinkable as choosing five strength heroes to Timbersaw is now, it was unthinkable to choose five melee heroes to Timbersaw back afterward. This match featured the gist of Korean Dota, also to a point, SEA Dota. Surely, it had been the embodiment of QO’s signature competitive manfighting design, as the Seven Important winning championships OG were rattled in their very first match on the mainstage of TI. Savour the absolute skill and ragged elegance of MVP.Phoenix in this game.
TI7 Lower Bracket Round 4 Game 1
Team Liquid vs Virtus.Pro
A highlight of Team Liquid’s legendary TI7 run since they participated in a 100-minute bloodbath from the CIS giants, this game showcased the ideal Dota two players of this 2016-17 year on both groups. Amazing plays along with also the impregnability of a late-game Bloodseeker kept Liquid in their feet, finally divide forcing their way to success after narrowly avoiding a foundation race.