Redeye Admits his retirement from esports

Paul”Redeye” Chaloner has chosen to resign from esports following misconduct accusations from the gift surfaced a week.

The previous week at esports was witness to numerous instances allegations of misconduct within 1 form or another against personalities and talent. In less than 1 week NA caster Grant”GranDGranT” Harris declared his death, followed nearly instantly by Toby”TobiWan” Dawson because of publicized allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

Afterward the allegations of Paul”Redeye” Chaloner being a challenging man to use, abusing power, and participating in physical attack surfaced. Redeye denied the majority of the accusations, admitting he had been really difficult occasionally and was coping with much melancholy and mental health problems that frequently manifested as anger. More reports were made public, for example one which attracted a past, private court case between his kids. This was the final straw for Redeye.

The information comes as a shock to a lot of lovers given Redeye’s background at the esports scene.

Redeye is among the very experienced hosts and commentators in Esports. He hosted the 2014 ESL One Frankfurt Germany Dota two tournament as his entrance point into Dota two and became a basis of hosting for a few of the greatest events in Dota 2 such as many The worldwide occasions and Dota 2 Majors.