Team PlusOne was accused of match-fixing from the BTS Guru Series and …

Another day, yet another unfortunate record of match-fixing at Dota 2.

According to the accusations, many members of Team PlusOne were hoping to throw a match against beastcoast. Finally did not shed thanks to an unbelievable functionality from dmn on Troll Warlord using a 24:2 record.

When it was apparent that the team was not likely to lose as planned, two players from Team PlusOne disconnected in the game so as to induce the loss (spoiler alert: They won 3v5).

Ched and xuan had performed previously on Demon Slayers over the previous calendar year.

It was just last month which Newbee was prohibited from all of Chinese occasions such as IMBA and Mars Media for alleged match-fixing. According to reports, it appears that the formerly titans of China had participated in certain match-fixing throughout the past Minor qualifiers. Fourteen days before Cyber TRAKTOR has been disqualified from We Perform! Pushka League to get match-fixing.

At this time it’s uncertain if Valve will intervene and include an extra penalty or ban the participant involved. It’s been a time since Valve has swung the ban hammer.

Regardless of the life threatening which were employed by Valve beginning at 2016, match-fixing still appears to rear its ugly head from time to time.