Wei, Anti-Mage character Includes no particle effects

The Anti-Mage character became accessible for all The International 10 Battle Pass owners who increased their pass to par 305. It unlocks a feminine version, who based on the lore published in addition to the product, is Anti-Mage’s disciple.

Her name is Wei and includes a new pair of cartoons, over 900 exclusive voice traces, an all-new comic portrait along with minimap icon, but unlike all of the arcana, immortal and preceding character products, it includes zero ambient/particle consequences.

Wei is in the start of her own journey in finding the world of magical, according to the lore and possibly that is the biggest reason behind the thing set doesn’t have any burst of particles.

The International 10 Battle Pass includes two character and three arcana thing collections. Wei, the Anti-Mage character is that the first released . The next one is still pending and it is a Toy Butcher decorative for Pudge that unlocks at level 255.

The two Arcana sets possess an evolving attribute that enables the gamers to grind towards another style that affects the fundamental colours of their sets. The next Arcana of this TI10 Fight Pass is for Windranger. Titled Compass of the Growing Gale, it is going to become available at par 575, after Valve releases the decorative.