are Available to negotiate VP.Prodigy sale

Two months after launch the youth group VP.Prodigy, the CIS company talks publicly about the prospect of selling the gamers.

VP.Prodigy was assembled and formally declared on 1st of April this year, with the intent of providing the young CIS presents a stage where to collect the experience for carrying another step towards a tier one calibre. The transition into online only rivals appeared at first the ideal chance for varsity rosters to enhance their game by playing against some of the greatest teams in their own region. Within their first two weeks of existence, VP.Prodigy surpassed the primary group in a few tournaments. They placed second from the first period of We!Play Pushka League, although the primary VP team finished in the fourth place. A couple of days after they conquered 3-0 at the grand finals of Epic Prime League, a CIS just tournament and in the start of June, and they attained the third spot in ESL One Birmingham Online, a championship at which the organization could not play both squads each ESL One principles.

Over the previous weeks, more championship organizers went together with the identical principle of preventing the company to compete with more than 1 group to prevent any conflict of interest talks and needed to select which one of the two groups competed where, similar to OG, who at the end chose to launch OG.Seed from contract.

On the other hand, the company denied the rumors saying that they knew”nothing about it”.

In reaction to his confirmation, VP General Manager asked somewhat ironically on Twitter in case the purchase price is a participant or for the entire group, but also verified that he’s open to explore any prospective transfers when his players locate brand new”perspectives for themselves”

Even though have recently put only top six at Beyond Epic, VP.Prodigy have not played any other championship after ESL One Birmingham Online.