The Storylines of the DotaPit Season 5 Finals

General Event Info
The bracket is double elimination, using the Winner’s Bracket being best-of- the Loser’s Bracket being best, as well as three -of-one. The Grand Final will be greatest-of-five.

As the existing gameplay variation is 7.01, the subsequent heroes aren’t accessible in Captain’s Way, and therefore WOn’t find competitive play: Lycan, Treant Protector, Techies and Monkey King.

You will find eight teams attending, but here will be the teams to actually keep an eye out for:

OG: Leading Victor Hunting for More
OG, yet again, are on the very top of the Dota world. The road to the Grand Finals will be savage while Invictus Gaming is not the worst possible beginning competition. When they really overcome the one Chinese team in the event, they will then need to confront a tournament-starving Virtus.Pro. The victor’s final will be between the victor of Digital Chaos and Evil Geniuses when they manage to get the better of the CIS powerhouse. Itis a difficult path to the title, but then OG are far and away the best team on earth when they win it all.

Evil Geniuses: Time to Deliver
Much Evil Geniuses is just another squad that’s starving to get an undisputable triumph from the scene’s finest. The one thing that is missing is a prize from a tournament with major ability in attendance. EG flourishes in the Double Removal. Yet we will see when they are able to require DotaPit.

VP are 0 – 2 in tournaments since their triumph in The Summit 6 — falling, although coming every time. It was. It was Digital Chaos that raged past VP to take the prize in Malaysia. We are going to see if VP take this tournament and can fend off their devils.

Digital Chaos:
DC are coming into Serbia popular off of an enormous triumph at ESL One Genting. Fully being a favourite coming into any occasion have to be hard, as many teams gain from playing with the part of the underdog. Yet, that is a luxury that Digital Chaos have not had since TI6. Using the triumph at Genting, they’ve shown they belong in the small circle of teams that could be relied upon win big tournaments and to go profound.

Something to notice from ESL Genting, also: the Grand Final between DC and Newbee was the first greatest-of-five to go the complete five matches since EPICENTRE.

Team Secret:
The start of March indicated the high point of the team, procuring the Leading title refused to them by OG in Frankfurt, Clement “Puppey” Ivanov was on the very top of the extensive world of Dota. Two weeks after, nevertheless, that might drastically transform. This roll move would decide the course the western scene would take before the conclusion of The International 6. After some terrible revelations of what occurred within Team Secret behind the scenes, the organization he’d help develop as well as the reputation of both Puppey were destroyed. With Secret having to play the fresh house of distress and Secret expats W33, DC but, the seeding for this particular tournament is not merciful.

Can Puppey take back his team to the very best? We are going to learn this weekend.