Will Trump’s visa limitations impact Dota 2’s International tourna …

Valve says it is carefully tracking the Trump government’s crack down on visitor visas to America, including the business is going to take its yearly Dota 2 tournament, The International, from the state if needed.

Today, talking in a press event, Valve’s Erik Johnson said that any new limitations on visitor visas will probably have an adverse impact on the tournament that was most popular. The International took place, and was established in 2012. But since that time, it is been held on the home turf of Seattle, Washington of Valve.

The International brings huge cash prizes largest Dota 2 competitive players and teams, tempted the world.

Johnson stated that visa constraints are already an issue for the tournament, including to be able to legitimately get players throughout the complicated system that senior politicians in Washington state had pulled strings.

Valve leader Gabe Newell stated that difficulties can be posed by the newness of esports. Esports players in many cases are little, and young guys with no ties to America in the manner of cvs.

He expressed dismay that some Valve workers, produced outside America, are now unable or fearful to go to with their home countries, for anxiety about not being let back in the state.