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Following an excellent performance in The Kiev Major qualifiers, se 4 shield some roll changes are being announced by five. JoinDOTA discussed to Five to really get to understand them a bit better because the team isn’t very well understood.

bg Stoyan ‘SlashStrike’ Kralchev was selected as a standin at that time, and today he can turn into a permanent person in the group.

The team had been playing underneath the name IKEA although Valve reached Kiev regional qualifiers, but requested them to switch the name, and selected 4 shield five.

We understand that is it difficult to get hoopla to get a team which you know next to nothing about, so we requested carry a few questions in regards to the squad, including what it had been like to conquer Swedish competitors to player Five Alliance in a Valve event.

The newest four shield five roll is:

Tell us about yourself how long have you ever been playing with Dota?

Hi! My name is Adam and I am from Stockholm, Sweden. I spend most of my time, although I’m now studying at Stockholm’s University. I began Dota in the summer 2009 but quit playing two years that I quit playing because I used to be planning to fail in school. As soon as I understood the matter and saw the International 4 Dota 2 had grown into I stopping playing in the very first place. I did not understand that it’d be this huge. After International 4 finished I began playing and I’ve played since then, with merely several little breaks.

How about your teammates? Give a brief description of each of these.

Dancing Dragon is our committed support who understands nearly all mechanisms in Dota, should you ask him about any modest and unusual interaction in the game he can understand about it. He studies in Lund that’s way south in Sweden.

Etakaka is a composed that is smart man, he was leader and our drafter in IKEA. He studies aswell however in the northern areas of Sweden, Umeå.

Eskillz is from among our two new players plus Sweden. He spends lots of time in Israel where he sleeps, eats and dreams about Dota jointly along with his girlfriend.

Slashstrike is our only non-Swede, however he’s a great man! Everybody should have a look at his Dota rap.

How did IKEA (now 4 shield five) come together?

I have been playing since August 2016 in IKEA with Etakaka and Dancing Dragon. We have just played in the exact same team together once, however just for a couple of weeks or so when we both were in Cookiss, although I have understood Eskil for some time now. I picks in general and have experienced touch with him discussing Dota.

Slashstrike joined forces with Etakaka me and Dancing Dragon. He and I never played on a team before that. I understood Slashstrike was a great player but you never know when you play collectively, how things will go, abilities do n’t actually matter should you not have teamplay or synergy. It was a joy and after the regionals we needed to play forever with him.

We really kind of disbanded prior to the major. The team have been dealing with a rough spot and it had been determined that we were gonna change Steffstyle out, but that only made everything worse so matters weren’t great. But we understood so we determined to give it a shot we’d a quick way into the regional qualifiers. So we got Slashstrike Flensmeister chose to play with a different stack.

Since it got this kind of strange accumulation I was happy with our operation. So we came in with a great approach, my expectations were not high and I actually had fun playing with the regionals.

Additionally , I shifted from mid to take only days ahead of the regionals. We made the choice that I would play take and he’d mid since we were bringing in Slashstrike. I am happy because I recognize I like playing take a lot more than mid that occurred. My hero pool wasn’t deep in the regionals so I am prepared for next time, because the regionals I’ve been spamming all the takes.

What was it like to overcome on Alliance?

Simply because they’re our most successful team in Sweden, I ‘ve many friends that are Alliance supporters, myself included. Since we are from an identical state so clearly, this game against Alliance meant a lot for us. I used to be extremely happy when we defeat on them, particularly considering that the game meant something. Since we could call ourselves the greatest team in Sweden to get a day approximately, or even just one hour we were extremely happy following this success. Anyhow it felt fantastic!

Who was your toughest competition in Kiev qualifiers?

Exactly what are your goals with this specific new team?

Our aim will be to scrim as really possible since these five players are new collectively. We have handpicked players with the proper mindset along with great disposition to go far, we have recognized that getting mad at each other and shuffling players is the past.

You can not get anywhere if you wanna alter individuals as your first option when things go poorly, like many teams in the European tier 2 and lean -3 scene do now. I hope we achieve success and stay together to get quite a long time. Our expertise in the Kiev regionals will help us to every Dota 2 players’ dream on our road, to reach TI.