Imbalance in most things:

The DAC teams are split into two groups of six.

Just two teams from every group will progress to the top bracket, using the remaining eight headed directly to the dreaded first round best-of-one lower bracket removal round. All rounds beyond the initial in the low bracket is going to be greatest-of-three, as well as the Grand Final is best-of-five.

Group A

Group A appears to function as less balanced (or maybe only “simpler”) of both groups. They’ven’t been performing especially well recently while cn Wings Gaming certainly are an immediate invitation team. cn Vici Gaming J and cn LGD.Eternally Youthful are both powerful teams, but haven’t reached the level in the place where they look effective at winning a LAN of the calibre, as well as coming out along with their group.

Overall, world OG would be the overwhelming favourites in this group, having a possibly simple route to the victor’ side of the playoff bracket ahead of those.

They’ve been bootcamping in the Mars Media office in China, to enhance the instance for OG dominance. That means they’ll be fresh and willing to fight, no jet lag woes to be worried about.

Are Team Faceless a risk?

When world Team Faceless formed this past year, the SEA scene was totally dominated by them. When they arrived in after The Boston Major and The Peak 6 nevertheless, it was apparent the team was unaccustomed to the LAN environment. They finished last in both occasions.

Since that time, Team Faceless enhanced their LAN functionality and appear to get learned from those experiences. They made it losing in the Losers’ Closing to OG. It’s difficult to say that their positioning is a powerful index of what’s to come yet.

This sent them to the low mount, that has been completely composed of best-of-one matches. Who understands Faceless might have done if their competitors had the opportunity to play with a second or third match.

With a different LAN for Faceless to try their strength, we might eventually have the capacity to paint a clearer picture in their progress and current strength on the international phase.

Group B

Invictus Gaming’s biggest competition: Invictus Gaming

Such as both iG squads can’t get far from each other, it appears. Arbitrary or not, both teams have wound up confronting each other again, this time.

Invictus Gaming went to defeat on cn Vici Gaming 2-1, procuring the organization both Leading qualifier positions.

It’s clear the acquaintance also shove both teams towards more success, and probably both of these teams have with each other will continue to make for quite interesting matches. The tricky part WOn’t be defeating on yet, but defeating Team, EG and Newbee Liquid to take among the positions in the Victor’ bracket.

A rough group (of departure) to call

That’s the crux of Group B, it’s completely piled with teams that are powerful. It’s considerably tougher to decide only one “finest” team in Group B. while OG appear to function as the standout team in Group A

Let’s break down it:

eu Team Liquid – victor of Starladder | I-League StarSeries Season 3, could dethrone OG if they are able to sustain their impetus that is present into The Kiev Major through DAC.

us Evil Geniuses – This one essentially speaks for itself. Besides winning Dota Pit League and taking 3rd-4th at The Boston Major they’ven’t played because they get asked to every large LAN, but that’s.

They don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon, and have five of the very best players on earth these days.

Cn Newbee – China’s most popular team since Wings, it is completely destroying in on-line leagues and took 2 nd Genting 2017.