Matu: “They began prohibiting essential heroes from us so it is …

The carry player of team Liquid fi Lasse ‘Matumbaman’ Urpalainen was interviewed following the groupstage past although of DAC the departure in the playoffs of the team. In the interview the Finn made it understood that the dynamic of the team had altered significantly together with the inclusion of GH and Miracle, but that after their success in China at StarSeries i-League Season 3 last month they had been figured by other teams out.

“I do not believe we have reached the possibility of this line up yet,” said Matumbaman in the interview with RuHub. “We’ve quite a bit to work on that revealed in the groupstage. It is like we only won Starladder i-League and we came here as among the favourites, but our strategies they began prohibiting essential heroes have been analyzed by individuals so it is been more difficult. Now we must accommodate and let us see what happens”.

The Team Liquid player was fairly frank in regards to the problem for him in adapting to the inclusion of GH and Miracle, two players who need lots of farm which has normally been given during the Jerax and FATA age.

It is hard but Amer, is similar to a wonder kiddo, he does these astonishing plays and you are like ‘ok, Amer only play your Invoker and take the match please’.”

Using the SEA team subsequently additionally eliminated in the next round team Liquid’s run in the DAC 2017 came after defeat to Faceless quite suddenly to a halt in the initial round of the bo1 playoffs. The result set Liquid 9-12th spot at DAC 2017 together with the European team.

After their LAN success at StarSeries they looked just like an important rival but Liquid happen to be alert to the things it is that they must work on before the $3 million tournament after this month if Matu’s opinions are anything to go by.