Merlini on “junk” PL at DAC: “He Is not great at any …

hantom Lancer is rubbish grade according to Merlini but would you need him repaired? Be honest now…

Merlini labels Phantom Lancer “rubbish” at DAC 2017 and describes why

In the post-match discussion of Wings versus Faceless Merlini and analyzers Capitalist dove to the reason Phantom Lancer stays within their view a hero selection that is lousy.

“He is simply bad at anything,” said Merlini. “He can not do Rosh, he is not good at sieging, he is not that good at schism shoving, he is not that amazing at guy fighting, he does not do great AOE damage, he is simply does not actually do that much.

“The hero isn’t in an excellent location. Everyone believed he was great, ‘oh perhaps there is some construct that is truly great for him, perhaps you go Agh’s rush perhaps you go Diffusal Aghs perhaps you still go BoTs’ but all of those constructs DO NOT work, hero garbage, that is my view.”

Meanwhile co-analyzer Capitalist said the hero’s weakness is based on the fact the main danger he poses is through one means, and that “other carries will peak a great deal harder or a great deal quicker at 35 minutes or they are likely to be more important at 20 minutes”.

In accordance with DOTABUFF Phantom Lancer is still among the least decided carry heroes and contains a win-speed of only 45-46% over the past month. When decided even at the larger ability brackets the hero’s winrate doesn’t improve which is possibly a case of a single nerf too many on a hero which used to be a routine element of competitive play.

Just did Phantom Lancer arrive now?

Prior to 6.82 the hero was very powerful, his delusions were overwhelming and scaled due to his supreme, and the substantial magic opposition on the hero along with his invis skill made him a pain to lock down.

It was replaced by Doppelganger in 6.82, which is the skill we understand now which enables PL to reappear a specified space away and spawn two delusions.

Furthermore in 6.82 Valve removed Phantom Lancer’s greatest skill Phantom Edge, which was a passive which allowed the hero magic opposition up to 40% (which subsequently piled with other sources) along with raising the opportunity of his other passive Juxtapose, which created delusions.

In the day seeing a dozen PL delusions wiping your mana out Blade proved to be a standard occurence.

With 7.0 arrived gift trees but Phantom Lancer’s is pretty underwhelming as it doesn’t enhance any skills relating to delusions, maybe a conscious choice by Valve to not duplicate the issue which made him overly strong back in 2014. Although, the 75 damage on Spirit Lance at level 10 isn’t to be underestimated.

The main buff added to the hero as a portion of 7.0 was the launch of a Aghanim’s upgrade which enables Spirit Lance to rebound between foes the same manner Bounty Hunter’s Shuriken does on tracked goals. On the other hand, the thing itself isn’t incredibly worthy of a slot in the late game.

Phantom Lancer may not be wanted by many people back

For many Phantom Lancer brings back painful memories, maybe even more frustrating than losing to the Prophet of Shadow Blade Nature or late – Naga or game Medusa.

At DreamLeague last year when asked in regards to the imminent inclusion of Monkey King, reference was made by SirActionSlacks to the PL of old.

Another delusion established hero. I do not believe anyone in this world overlooks Phantom Lancer,” said SirActionSlacks at DreamLeague last year. “If you are doing please quit playing Dota. Having an illusion established hero in the sport, colour me not excited, I will be NOT pumped.”