Summit 7 Recap

What sets VP aside from the rest is the manner that they conquered their opponents. Virtus Professional defended their name with 81 distinct hero collections, only choosing formerly played heroes throughout game 5 at the grand finals. Together with TI so near hand VP’s choice to push themselves into the constraints paid off hugely. The win in The Summit certainly removed any uncertainty of a deserved direct invitation to TI7. The way that they played through the championship also delivered a powerful message to their own competition, Virtus Pro will probably be exceedingly tough to get ready for and they are hitting their stride just as the championship is starting. Their first round competitions were Team Empire and VP readily sent them into the reduced bracket. Their next round opponent however wouldn’t be taken care of so easily. LGD had come to the tournament as a substitute for CDEC and revealed VP they were not to be redeemed as LGD defeated them 2-1. It was then that VP recognized they hadn’t chosen the exact same hero twice and decided to play with a very risky game; observe just how far they can get without repicking heroes. VP subsequently continued to push the limitations contrary to DC, deciding to allow Abed possess his Meepo, a initial ban in another game DC’d playedwith. The Twist continued as VP performed DC, and followed closely by taking down NP in 2 straight games that put them up using a rematch from LGD from the lower bracket finals. With 50 heroes at a self-imposed ban VP turned into positioning things to outplay LGD and demonstrated the real flexibility that the team has on a large number of heroes.

Virtus Guru had made it into the finals with 60 unique personalities picked at the conclusion of the 2-0 victory over LGD. Many wondered when they’d have the ability to keep this up in a complete top of five against puzzle and we saw exactly how dedicated VP was at the first four matches, choosing 20 more specific personalities and bringing The Summit 7 into an all-deciding game 5. This is the area where VP broke position and went to the win. Game 5 was a considerably slower rate than the four which came before it, both teams keen to allow their cores test who might take the match the afterwards it went. While No[o]ne had any problems on Death Prophet, Ramzes over made up for it upon his Anti-Mage and finished the match with a rampage inside Warriors foundation.

We might state Epicenter was meta-defining. Bristleback, Crystal Maiden, and Treant Protector stood outside and thus got struck by nerfs immediately after the end of the function. Team Liquid and EG needed a very clear approach to the way they wanted to perform the majority of their matches, be it through Suma1L’s Puck or even Matumbaman’s Lone Druid as well as the Bristleback gamers on each side. Each group had bans clearly intended out to target certain players. Virtus Pro was winning with drafts we’d seen come and go over the past couple of years of aggressive Dota 2. Rather than embracing the heroes that we believed were powerful right now VP went out of the way to verify that they could really play with anything and make it function. While Secret still preferred Crystal Maiden and Sand King we watched that a range of distinct picks from Puppey in reaction to what VP had been performing. Virtus Guru’s free flowing drafts forced Secret to perform reactionary, unsure of exactly what might be anticipating them after every select, not able to forecast which bans would actually hinder the plow.

Team Secret ought to be happy with their 2nd place finish in The Summit 7. Disappointed certainly, but following their final place finish in the Kiev Major in the palms of SG e-sports followed by yet another last location in the Manila Pros handed to them by NP, coming so close to winning an occasion should return some missing confidence as they go into the TI7 primary qualifiers. The Chinese qualifiers are always a mountain of their own to climb from and for LGD that the opportunity to substitute CDEC could have been a godsend. Experiencing how teams perform and accommodate outside of China has given them a wealth of knowledge they could return and use to attempt and reach TI7. To get VG.J, rOtk is going to need to return to the drawing board after failing to win one game throughout the occasion. Just VP obtained a direct invitation to TI7 from those teams playing in The Summit 7, every one of them will want to believe back to what worked in this event and attempt to use this to their benefit if they would like to reach Seattle.