Dendi joins a Brand New Dota 2 roster for the upcoming Important quali …

While a few of the Greatest Dota Two teams from the world are competing in the MDL Chengdu Major, additional rosters are finalizing and preparing to perform at the next round of qualifiers for your Dota Pro Circuit.

Among the greatest names made in free agency, Danil”Dendi” Ishutin, is one of the players that decided now was the opportunity to create a move. He has joined a new set of gamers who will compete at the qualifiers.

Dendi will probably be playing a Viet Flashbacks pile that dropped three of its players that played at the CIS closed qualifiers for its MDL Chengdu Major. That roster has been eliminated in the group stage, but the Natus Vincere legend is not the only player seeking to make it farther than that.

However he was playing on loan to this company and came back to free service shortly after the function.

This trio brings a whole lot of firepower to match with just two CIS veterans who’ve had some success this season. Together with how scrambled Virtus Guru and Na’Vi seem this season, the area is open for everyone to shoot, which is likely a part of Dendi’s justification for making this movement.

Joining a pile goes contrary to what the Dota celebrity stated his aims for the period were. Within an interview with The Esports Observer out of October, Dendi stated his aim was to make his own team instead of playing for somebody else .

“I found how teams and organizations grew in various directions and that I was not constantly agreeing with everything which was occurring,” Dendi explained. “I need to do something which everybody will enjoy. It’d be something I’d be certain in and could have my entire confidence, my entire power, I’d give myself entirely to this thing”

This may be the beginning of a thing if the group does well and Dendi may convince his ragtag mates to make a pile that could stick together for at least one championship.

Otherwise, we can see another lengthy absence from among Dota’s finest characters.