The drag and Stack timings upgraded to the Dota two 7.23 map!

Notice: for a few creep pulls (by way of instance, about the Dire safe lane) you want Quelling Blade to start a route among the trees.

A Overview of the map varies
The 7.23 map appears bigger than at the last patches, however, the contrast gif above demonstrates the size is precisely the same.

Our thoughts is likely confused since the map is much more open: there is less space inhabited by trees and trees, thus the complete inland region increased, therefore we feel as the heroes are somewhat slower and more time is required to go from 1 lane into another.

The river has more entry points because the amount of ramps increased, which opens into more paths and strategies, and consequently we need more wards to pay most of accesses and be secure. Surely, supports will delight in the great number of new warding spots accessible as a result of its brand new open map.

Historically, this faction consistently scored the worst triumph speed (especially in bars ), so perhaps IceFrog is attempting to balance them. The Dire mid lane has become safer using more jukes readily available for leaks, and it eventually gained a better accessibility into the jungle; the Dire secure lane also became a whole lot easier to pull.

I wholeheartedly urge to venture in the game and generate a personal lobby to learn more about the map correctly.

Dota two 7.23 map at top quality – u/MaxOfS2D

The outposts may have a remarkable effect on the gameplay when the teams understand to exploit them.

Bounty Runes are the sole additional supply of expertise for quite a while, and they’re always highly contested.

But, outposts have a much larger influence on the gameplay since they don’t grant experience simply to the player who catches thembut to the entire team.

Each of the personalities will level up quicker, along with the supports will gain from them the most. In general, this could result in shorter games.


Undoubtedly, outposts offer more benefits than Bounty Runes, and in addition, they need more teamplay to be contested as you require several personalities to conquer them in a faster rate.

Split-pushing will be less difficult for the staff which controls a outpost, which will discourage enemy personalities out of happening as far as before.

The outposts also give many indirect advantages since the staff commanding them also increases the authority within this region, including runes, nearby jungle retreats, and lane plantation.

Farming beside an enemy-controlled outpost is very dangerous since the competitions could teleport there in any moment and obstruct your escape. The group without outpost essentially loses roughly 1/3 of the lane.

Frankly, I’m a little concerned about the sport equilibrium because outposts can provide a noticeable benefit to the group that’s already snowballing, therefore comebacks become more challenging, particularly if the winning group gets chance with all the new neutral products.