HellRaisers took good advantage of the reduction to make the push to t …

Following jfshfh178 took down Ninjas in Pyjamas from the prior show, the stage has been set for HellRaisers to demonstrate that only missing one participant would not hurt the team’s chances at winning the entire thing. And just enjoy the last game of the series, a Meepo has been the catalyst to the mad.

Alik”V-Tune” Vorobey had been given a Meepo at the draft and has been the only player on each team to get near double-digit kills. Normally that would not be an issue because Meepo could be countered with sufficient work, but since Geek Fam abandoned Kunkka on the plank, HellRaisers had the ideal heart to take game .

Together with Alexander”Nix” Levin on this Kunkka and also an offlane Sand King, Geek Fam hadn’t any opportunity to generate an optimum strategy without being slowed down and pushed into a positive position for its CIS squad. With that control and the Meepo, there was nothing to prevent HellRaisers from taking game .

The group picked up a heart Faceless Void and place Semion”CemaTheSlayer” Krivulya on his Rubick again to the next match in a row.

Marc”Raven” Fausto tried his very best to outplay the HellRaisers’ street gamers, but it was not sufficient to compensate for another flaws in his group’s draft. Geek Fam failed to maintain Kenny”Xepher” Deo and Kim”DuBu” Doo-young living long enough to affect virtually any interaction, which had been exactly what cost them their final match also.

That single Spectre was isolated and maintained at bay whilst V-Tune and Nix awakened the Southeast Asian squad’s backlines. And despite the more powerful beginning, HellRaisers are the group continuing on to the playoffs.

The CIS squad will faceoff from Invictus Gambling at the initial round of this Dota Summit 11 Minor’s most important event, together with the game set to start at 2pm CT on Nov. 9.