A reverse sweep out of CDEC Gambling sees them crowned Winners of OGA …

Vici Gambling and CDEC Gaming will match for a third time in the OGA Dota PIT Season two: China occasion, this time at the grand finals to ascertain who are the winner.

Having met twice so much at OGA Dota PIT Season two: China, both Vici Gambling and CDEC Gaming will be hungry to maintain the victory in their next battle in the occasion. CDEC could maintain the win when both teams met from the group stage, while VG managed to assert some revenge at the top bracket finals just a couple of days ago along with also the grand final would divide the two teams at an best-of-five brawl.

Going into the show, it had been VG that appeared to only be way before the opponent in every manner possible. While match one lasted almost an hour, which wasn’t seen in the internet worth or score at all as VG dominated in each manner — such as a huge Terrorblade out of Zhang’Eurus’ Chengjun. VG continued to control game two as well, even if CDEC had managed to shoot down Eurus’ Anti-Mage, the rest four players kept a superb high floor effort and kept the match at the favour to have a 2-0 lead in the next match.

This was shown to be the ideal movement for CDEC, since they ruined VG at a little over 30 minutes plus a comeback started to mount.

While the first game span was fairly even between the groups, CDEC started to take more than the match before 15-minutes had passedmoving further ahead increasingly as the match continued. VG appeared in total disarray and earlier 30-minutes had passed, GG had been predicted.

A whole reverse sweep out of CDEC Gambling will see them crowned as winners of OGA Dota Pit Season two: China, winning among the primary tournaments with big name groups to the organisation in certain moment.