Wei, Anti-Mage character Includes no particle effects

The Anti-Mage character became accessible for all The International 10 Battle Pass owners who increased their pass to par 305. It unlocks a feminine version, who based on the lore published in addition to the product, is Anti-Mage’s disciple. Her name is Wei and includes a new pair of cartoons, over 900 exclusive voice traces, […]

Lockdown Time: Let’s See Some Classics!

Amid these days of international crisis and lockdown at which we know not exactly what day of the week it’s, LiquidDota brings for you a brief collection of some of their most effective competitive matches in Dota two’s 10-year history. Sit down and buckle up as we take you through eight legendary matches in this […]

The community has expressed a great deal of criticism about the recently released Anti-Mage character, but Xu”BurNIng” Zhilei celebrated the introduction of the in-game cosmetic using a topnotch cosplay look.

The decorative is available only for people who buy The Global 10 Fight Pass and increase it to level 305. The thing was teased by Valve because the Battle Pass launch, on May 25, and it had been among the most anticipated products. But following its launch, from July 11, the neighborhood does not seem […]

Newest Dota 2 Upgrade Enables Players players to Input Quick Queue

Valve will automatically set players that queue both support functions into Quick Queue. These aid players will not earn Quick Queue games at the lender, however. Valve introduced Quick Queue for a response to more queue times. This has been attributed to this shift into role-based rated matchmaking, with center gamers bearing the brunt of […]

Which staff will MidOne play next?

Dota two veteran Yeik”MidOne” Zheng was benched by Team Secret and certainly will be taking a protracted break from the scene. While the Malaysian superstar is among the greatest players on the planet, a combo of the International 2019 performance and the absence of available rosters may shoehorn him to subpar teams. MidOne is still […]