Summit 7 Preview

The bevy of high-caliber Dota two and meme machine at the shape of the ever-successful The Summit returns using their 7th version. Organized from BeyondTheSummit, 8 teams vie for $100,000 in their lovely house in Los Angeles beginning on the 14th of June. The possibility of direct invitations for TI loom large this month when […]

Summit 7 Recap

What sets VP aside from the rest is the manner that they conquered their opponents. Virtus Professional defended their name with 81 distinct hero collections, only choosing formerly played heroes throughout game 5 at the grand finals. Together with TI so near hand VP’s choice to push themselves into the constraints paid off hugely. The […]

Team Liquid to win TI7!

Winning The International will be life altering. Before we reach the top of five which would form the lives of those gamers forever we seem to the lower bracket finals. Team Liquid and LFY will be made to struggle to assert the right to perform against Newbee from the finals. The stakes couldn’t have been […]

China’s Strength in Tier List

Because it’s right now the Dota two spectacle is broken into several areas, because most tournaments have a regional qualifier to meet with the mounts, and in such qualifiers just a select few teams always can bring home a qualifier win. Because of this it may be hard as a viewer to acquire insight to […]

Great Towers of Dota – MDL

Wuhan, China, isn’t simply the home of the years Mars Dota two League but also among those four excellent towers of China; The Yellow Crane Tower. While the background of this tower begins in 223 AD it’s been contested by battles and has, consequently, been reconstructed several times. Much like a number of the groups […]

Great work Valve!

Over the life of Dota two, and more so during the previous year, Valve has gotten a great deal of flak in the community for, supposedly, not even listening or “caring.” The shift to the Dota two championship structure declared earlier this day demonstrates their critics wrong on a great deal of points. Yes the […]

Grand Internew with MinD_ContRoL

MinD_ContRoL talks concerning the Meta and exactly what causes Team Liquid click Only before EPICENTER we have the chance to sit down and speak to Mind_Control. We introduced a player profile predicated on the majority of his answers that you are able to read here. But there was a lot left over in the meeting […]

Dota PlayMakers

MORE THAN Only a ROLEEveryone enjoys a playmaker. Playmakers possess the uncanny ability to generate something happen from nothing. Where a typical player sees a hopeless undertaking, they see a chance. These competitive plays are frequently more inclined to succeed only by surprising the competitions. Afterwards, I will discuss some particular examples of those plays, […]