Aui_2000 and 1437 leave Team Secret

Aui_2000 and oth 1437 were trainers for Secret in March and June, joining during The International 2016 .

1437 has been a longtime trainer for Secret. He trained the team through TI6 in addition to TI5, though he returned to competitive play with Cloud9 and after Digital Chaos. He returned in March following the ending of The Shanghai Major to Secret.

Since winning TI5 as a part of Evil Geniuses aui_2000 has had. Both went to Secret when EG later completed The Manila Major in last area, Aui_2000 and BuLba; BuLba played offlane, while Aui trained.

While both players were previously recorded as subs on the roll of Secret, Valve’s recent roll lock rule changes mean that teams can add subs beyond the roll lock season. Both players could return before the next Important to Secret.

Secret hasn’t yet remarked on the departures.